Welcome to the Carolina Snap Auto Web Site

    Carolina Snap Auto, a division of DRS Auto Consultants, is a consulting firm offering  technical support for current and future users of Elenco's  "SCA-8000" Electrical Trainer.

     As an additional service to the "transportation education community", we are providing this web site in the hopes that it will serve as a conduit for instructors who are either current or potential users of Elenco's SCA-8000 Auto Electrical Trainers to share their ideas and suggestions relating to the integration of these trainers into there program, together with relevant comments and suggestions, or to  simply gain factual information.

To learn more about the Elenco SCA-8000 Automotive, Collision, and Diesel program trainer, please visit “What is a SCA-8000 Trainer”.

To view and print a brochure of the SCA-8000 trainer click on “Brochure” or visit the link under “What is a SCA-8000”.

To download support files and programs click on Download Material.