The purpose of this site is:


1. To provide a FREE forum and information sharing web site for instructors in the automotive, diesel, and collision repair fields, both secondary and post-secondary, who currently utilize Elenco's SCA-8000 auto electrical trainers, manufactured and sold by Elenco Electronics. 

2. To provide Instructors looking for economical, durable, and innovative electrical trainers a source of accurate, instructor to instructor, information concerning the SCA-8000 Electrical Trainer manufactured and sold by Elenco.

3. To provide free technical support to users of SCA-8000 trainers.

4. To make SCA-8000 trainer users aware of new products, updates, and services as they become available.

5. To provide links and downloads for manual updates, videos, circuit designs, and other support material enabling users to better utilize their Snap Auto Trainers.