What is a SCA-8000 Automotive Electrical Trainer?

The SCA-8000 auto electrical trainer is an inexpensive, simple, extremely flexible and durable electrical training system designed to work with new or existing electrical curriculum. The heart of the system is the SCA-8000 trainer. This is an automotive specific electrical system trainer that, working with ASE master certified automotive instructors, was developed by Elenco Electronics, utilizing existing Snap Circuit components together with newly developed ‚Äútransportation training‚ÄĚ specific components.

Throughout the design process, NATEF program certification standards, together with commercially available NATEF based curriculum, E-learning based programs, and OEM specific electrical training programs were considered. The objective of the SCA-8000 project was to develop a low cost (less than $300.00 delivered), durable electrical training system that would support all, or the majority of, these core standards allowing both the student and instructor to replicate the circuits, projects, and concepts covered in the curriculum. The ultimate goal being to make this difficult area of study, enjoyable, easier to master, adaptable to different learning styles, practical, transferable to other CTE areas, and affordable. 

While no trainer can replace hands-on task mastery utilizing live vehicles and components, a well-designed trainer can however introduce and reinforce basic core electrical knowledge and skills. Utilizing trainers allows core competency instruction in a controlled, organized, and manageable environment such as a classroom. Once mastered, this knowledge and skills are transferable to the shop environment for further hands-on task mastery. Experience has demonstrated that such an approach leads to better student performance, understanding, self-esteem, and safety. An additional benefit to the instructor is a more manageable shop environment.

Although many of the components are the same as those found in the various Snap Circuit kits offered for sale in many retail and internet stores, the SCA-8000 is unique and specifically designed for transportation electrical training. In an effort to keep the trainer cost to a minimum, the SCA-8000 is only available directly from Elenco (see how to order).

The heart of the SCA-8000 auto trainer is a grid plate on which the individual electrical components are placed. Each fully functioning actual component is mounted on an individual module that snaps on to the grid plate. Not only does the durable, colored snap module contain the actual component, it also has the electrical symbol printed on the top, thereby enabling the student to visualize and match the actual circuit schematic. The individual modules can be electrically connected by either utilizing the included colored wires with special snap connector ends pre-attached, or by utilizing the plastic snap-connectors also included. When the project is completed, all the components, including the DMM (included in the kit), and the power packs, store in individually labeled compartments in the molded case, making inventory a snap!

The SCA-8000 contains enough material to construct over 800 individual electrical / electronic circuits. The materials are re-usable, and are designed to operate on AA battery packs (6 are required and are not included), eliminating the need for 110 v power supplies. However, an optional, external power supply is available, and stores in the case, and can be utilized if desired. Starting January, 2017 orders of 10 or more trainers will include a FREE power supply for each trainer!

In addition to the electrical circuit components, the SCA-8000 also includes several additional training aids:

 A circuit creation program utilizing Microsoft Word is also included. This program is a full color drag and drop circuit creation program which utilizes graphic images of the actual component modules and the circuit grid. A PC with Microsoft word installed (not included) is required. The individual components can be dragged and placed at any desired location on the circuit grid. The designed circuits can be saved, shared, printed and given to students, or projected on a screen or white board, for the entire class to construct.

 An included cable and software allows a standard PC to be converted into a basic single trace oscilloscope. Included on the supplied disc is a printable manual. The SCA-8000 contains the necessary components to construct all the circuits illustrated in the manual. Although this is a very basic scope, it does allow students to learn basic scope set-up, operation, and circuit diagnosis in a classroom environment.

An additional cable, computer software, and a programmable IC chip module, is also included in the SCA-8000. Utilizing these components, together with a standard PC (not included), a student can construct all the circuits in the manual utilizing the included components in the SCA-8000 trainer. The student can actually utilize the PC to write, de-bug, and load a program into the chip. The student can then observe the operation of the computer circuit (inputs, outputs, and processor commands) they have constructed and programmed. This is an excellent way to introduce the student to vehicle computer circuit operation (condition vs. command), together with scan tool usage and operation.

The SCA-8000 also includes full color student and instructor manuals. In addition, full color, animated video clips illustrating the operation of several key electrical components are also available from the Elenco web site for free download.

The SCA-8000 trainer comes complete with color manuals, a DMM, a two year limited warrante, and free shipping within the continental USA. The customer must supply four AA batteries (or purchase the optional power supply).

Please Note: To utilize the Oscilloscope program, or the IC chip program, or the Circuit Creation program, a PC containing; a speaker input connection (for the Oscilloscope program), a USB connection(for the IC Chip program), and Microsoft Word (for the Circuit Creator program) will be required.

We Support and encourage NATEF Program Accreditation.